what is alligator indicator

This strategy can be effective in markets with clear and persistent trends. In swing trading strategies, the Williams Alligator is used to identify potential market swings and take positions at the beginning of the swing. This strategy can be effective in markets with frequent fluctuations.

  • The appearance of the buyer leads to the price increase marked with number 6.
  • When the three lines diverge widely, a trend is strong showing that the alligator mouth is being fed or is feasting, according to Williams.
  • The ALLIGATOR indicator values are calculated automatically using the formulas of the specified moving average indicators.
  • Alligator is a classical example of trade signals on a breakthrough or a turn from borders of range and power levels.

A trader would enter the market, not at the early stages of a downtrend, but the signal is reliable. As the alligator is based on moving averages and a moving average is a lagging indicator, the alligator’s signals may appear with a delay. The Alligator Indicator is a trend-following indicator designed to identify the beginning and end of market trends. It is based on the concept that financial markets exhibit periods of both trending and ranging behavior, much like an alligator that alternates between sleeping and hunting.

Taken 7 Fibonacci numbers, painted in the colors of the rainbow and highlighted when the rainbow fan is up or down. See our Terms of Service and Customer Contract and Market Data Disclaimers for additional disclaimers. Always do your https://topforexnews.org/brokers/fxpro-review-by-financebrokerage/ own careful due diligence and research before making any trading decisions. You only need to set the display color and size of the icons. The lines do not indicate a specific direction, they are located in the horizontal plane.

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The most important part of the Bill Williams Alligator is when the 3 lines are mixed together. This is when the Alligator is considered to be sleeping and no trading signals are present. You should keep these instruments on your radar especially if price action is hinting at an increase in momentum. The best time to get on board a trend move is just before it happens. This is one of the better trend indicators out there if you are looking for both range trading and with trend setups.

what is alligator indicator

Candlesticks also provide additional insights into what the expectations of the market might be going forward. As shown below, the EUR/USD pair reversed its descent when the three periods reversed. A buy signal usually comes when three lines reverses and the jaw remains on the right sides.

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  • When the price hits the highest high in the chart, the price enters a consolidation range.
  • As soon as the distance between MAs increases, it’s a sign the market is entering a trend.
  • The way the indicator works can be explained using the following analogy.
  • When the alligator is sleeping, it suggests an absence of a trend, causing the asset to trade within a tight trading range.

Over many years, Bill Williams studied the US stock market and watched for regularities. Moreover, he believed that fundamental analysis is something like crystal-ball gazing. https://forex-world.net/currency-pairs/gbp-nzd/ Moving averages are the price derivatives, so if there is a price chart, and you can attach moving averages to the chart, such a market can be analyzed using the Alligator.

How to trade forex using the alligator indicator

Alligator is a classical example of trade signals on a breakthrough or a turn from borders of range and power levels. It allows executing the short-term and medium-term forecast of the price, but the quality of signals strongly depends on stability of the market. Thus, the TEMA setup should be carefully chosen according to market volatility, the chart range, and the trader’s style. In addition, the TEMA can be combined with an extra moving average in order to validate signals. When the distance between the lines begins to expand and we see a bullish candle closing above the Alligator teeth and jaws, we go long. The signal for a hungry Alligator is after the completion of the waking-up stage, a candle closes below or above the three lines.

what is alligator indicator

In conclusion, the Williams Alligator indicator is a valuable tool for traders to identify market trends and potential trading signals. By using a combination of moving averages, the Alligator provides a detailed view of market trends and can help traders make informed decisions about when to enter and exit trades. Interpreting the Williams Alligator is an essential aspect of using this technical indicator to make trading decisions. One of the primary uses of the Williams Alligator is to identify market trends.

Once the lines have shown a direction, you can resort to using a price pattern that is a staple of all traders – pullbacks. There are several trading strategies you can use and keep in mind that all indicator based strategies do lag the market. At this point, you have learned how to setup and use the Williams Alligator to determine the state of the market and the trend direction. The indicator is derived from the moving average, which is one of the best-used indicators in the market.

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It’s based upon the moving averages, so gives you an idea of when a market is trending, therefore it’s relatively easy to see whether or not you should be using the indicator. The indicator is relatively simple to use, so that of course makes it popular as well. The theory says traders should use 2-3 signals of different technical analysis tools, including indicators, candlesticks, and chart patterns, before entering and exiting the trade. The alligator is a trend indicator that alerts traders about the formation of a new trend and its direction. The alligator consists of three lines which are smoothed simple moving averages (SMAs). Another benefit of the Williams technical indicator is that it generates the entry points when the momentum is just emerging.

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Then there is an upside momentum which is quickly exhausted. There is no clear signal because as soon as the slow blue line moves up, the fast green line is already moving down. The Alligator indicator leaves enough freedom for building trading strategies.

One of his favourites was the Alligator Indicator, introduced in 1995, which conjured up the notion of open jaws and feeding time as a way to optimize market entry positions. Gaining an edge in the market is often said to be the proven way to be successful in the forex market, and technical indicators are the tools of the trade. Alligator technical analysis tool is composed of three smoothed lines, which Williams used as the three balance lines and are called Alligator’s lips, teeth, and jaws. The lines are moving averages with different price periods and shift to the future. Ultimately, the short-term charts will continue to struggle to use anything related to a moving average, as the price fluctuations on a short time frame can be quite rapid.

The picture below shows a gold futures chart, hourly timeframe. The data was taken from the COMEX exchange (part of the CME Group). Delta and Big Trades indicators have been added to the chart. Trades from all over the world have come up with various recommendations to increase trading efficiency with the Alligator Indicator.

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When the next candlestick closes above or below all moving averages, it is a signal to enter a buy or sell trade. Thus, to confirm the trend and start trading you always need to check the next closing prices to take a glimpse of the future performance of the asset. The Williams Alligator Indicator is a technical trading tool created by legendary trader Bill Williams. It is based on the relationship between three separate moving averages and was designed to help traders identify when a given market has begun to trend.