To use it, make sure you have selected the window you want to capture. Then simply press the “Alt” and “PrtScn” buttons at the same time. It will automatically pull up an image of the window you just had open.

Close all the open windows, and you can now record your screen with system audio included. Video frame rate – You can choose between recording videos at 30fps or 60fps. A higher frame rate requires more resources, so it can affect performance. Whichever software you choose, video recording software is a must if you are a teacher/educator, game player, or blogger. Writing a review or putting together a list of instructions can only take you so far. Adding professional-looking video to your blog post, tutorial, or review is sure to increase your viewers’ engagement.

Method 4 – Use Game Bar in Windows 10

Data has also shown that Africa-related material often faces omission; a knowledge gap that a July 2018 Wikimedia conference in Cape Town sought to address. Research conducted by Mark Graham of the Oxford Internet Institute in 2009 indicated that the geographic distribution of article topics is highly uneven. Across 30 language editions of Wikipedia, historical articles and sections are generally Eurocentric and focused on recent events. There are currently 328 language editions of Wikipedia .

  • This was the first interactive multimedia encyclopedia , with the majority of articles being accessible through an interactive map of the UK.
  • Depending on what features are important to you, there’s a variety of options that can meet your needs and no reason why you shouldn’t succeed in making a great video.
  • Now, you don’t have to copy screenshots before accessing them on other devices.

But you have to either download or use its chrome extension to record the screen. I know it’s not a built-in tool in Windows 10, but in my opinion, the loom is one of the best ways to record the screen. I have been using the loom for a long time and still not even get the slightest disappointment. So these are the above easy methods to record screen in Windows 10 without using third-party software. But you can also use other alternative offline free software if you want more editing features for your professional work.

If pairing more than one device, press and hold the Bluetooth 2 or Bluetooth 3 key.

FlashBack Express users can save videos as WMV, MP4, or AVI or directly post to YouTube. Users with the premium version get to enjoy the ability to save videos in QuickTime, standalone EXE formats, Flash, GIF, and password-protect the video files. Users can test ActivePresenter features without any limitations in terms of time and functionality. After recording the video, users can clip, trim, split, modify the loudness and speed, add annotations, animations, and closed captions. Press Win and G simultaneously to open Game Bar, then press the record button in the Capture panel to record your screen.

Everything’s an option

Action Center is still a thing with Windows 11 and is the easiest and quickest way to enable/disable features like Bluetooth. We show you how to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 plus a few common troubleshooting issues you could run in to. Right-click the Bluetooth adapter (it usually has “adapter” or “radio” in its name) and select Update driver. This is the square chat bubble icon next to the date and time on the taskbar—you’ll usually find it at the bottom-right corner of the screen.